Phase II

In Phase II, the trainer teams are assisted in a hospital-by-hospital implementation. To facilitate learning, the complex course has been broken down into 6-8 four-hour sessions and intersession exercises on the following subjects:

  • The rights of children in hospital settings
  • Understanding the experience of health care – a developmental perspective
  • Preparation and coping with health care procedures
  • Pain relief
  • Enabling play and learning
  • Providing patient- and family-centered care
  • Sharing information

Implementation started 11/2010. By February/2013, nurses/kindergarten teachers from 5 hospitals had attended a course consisting of seven 4 hours training sessions.

  1. Nis Child Clinic:17 courses, 69 nurses and 3 teachers passed the courses
  2. Child clinic Olga Dedijer, Belgrade: 7 courses, 8 nurses and 3 teachers passed the courses
  3. Pediatric ward, Subotica: 7 courses, 16 nurses and 1 teacher passed the courses
  4. Nursing School, Subotica: 20 courses, 120 students passed the courses
  5. University Children’s hospital, Belgrade: 24 courses, 67 nurses and 14 teacher passed the courses
  6. The Mother and Child Health Care Institute of Serbia “Dr Vukan Cupic”, Belgrade: 30 courses, 72 nurses and 11 teacher passed the courses
  7. Children’s Hospital for Respiratory Diseases and TB - 15 courses, 62 nurses and 2 teachers passed the courses